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Carl Ngamoki-Cameron | 太平洋总监


Carl Ngamoki-Cameron 是新西兰与斐济的执业大律师和事务律师、仲裁员及调解员,国际公证人及监誓专员。香港仲裁司学会会员和香港斐济商会法律顾问。他于新西兰、斐济和太平洋地区的法律和商业经验超过17年。他担任主任的事务所专业领域集中在外商直接投资房地产和商业、酒店和住宅综合项目,移民和税务,公司业务和争议解决。他在亚太地区拥有丰富的商业经验,为多家投资公司非执行董事。社会事务和公职方面,他曾担任斐济公共信托副主席,斐济国家机场大楼服务有限公司主席,斐济国际财务有限公司主席,斐济国有控股有限公司主席等。他热爱运动,担任斐济国家橄榄球协会副主席和法律董事逾十年。

Carl Ngamoki-Cameron | Director Pacific

LLB (Auckland); BPhedSES (Otago) (New Zealand); MEMOS (Leuven, Belgium)

I have worked as a legal and business advisor in New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific for more than 17 years.  My legal experience is anchored in the New Zealand legal system and practice of law; however, a majority of my legal and business experience is from Fiji and the Pacific, having been recruited to Fiji to manage the litigation department of a local banking firm, ranked by Global Chambers & Partners, as a leading firm in Fiji and the Asia-Pacific region.  My own boutique legal and advisory practice is focused on direct foreign investment into real estate and business, integrated resort and residential development, dispute and alternative-dispute resolution, tax, immigration, corporate and commercial solutions.  I was recently appointed legal advisor to the Fiji Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and an associate of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators.

I am often asked to be a resident non-executive director of investor companies and I have served as a director on several state-owned enterprises and public companies in Fiji, including the Fiji Public Trustee Limited, as Deputy-Chairman; Air Terminal Services Limited, as Chairman; Merchant Finance Limited, as Chairman; and Fijian Holdings Limited, as Chairman, amongst others.

My ethnic diversity, predominantly Maori, and multicultural upbringing in New Zealand, and now extensive experience in Fiji and the Pacific, has gifted me the ability to engage successfully with all manner of peoples and cultures, including managing different nuances and demands of people, professions and governmental bodies to find solutions that meet client goals.

As I am not only a lawyer and professional director in the Asia-Pacific region, but also an investor and businessman in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Fiji, I understand very well the operational and environmental challenges and opportunities presented to clients.  These insights, paired with my legal and directorship experience working for ultra-high net-worth individuals and large corporations ensures the delivery of practical, astute and effective advice.

I have maintained a lifelong appreciation and enthusiasm for sports, health and fitness.  I am very active with outdoor pursuits and often find myself volunteering many hours working on different sporting bodies, particularly the Fiji Rugby Union, where I have been a board member for almost a decade and am currently the legal director and Deputy Chairman.



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